Hi and welcome to my blog. I am not sure why I started this as it was never something I thought about doing; until I came across a couple of other blogs that just grabbed my attention. So here I am, starting small but enjoying writing.

My blog is not one of those blogs with a definite focus. Before I started this I didn’t even know about blogging techniques; apparently having a niche and focus is a strong tip for blogger. To be fair, that is about the only blogging tip I know but I am sure I will pick some other ones up along the way. I am still not sure what my ‘focus’ is. But I guess that my posts generally are written around: my yoga, my pretty normal life in Edinburgh, and also my pretty normal single 40 something life in Edinburgh.

I will update this when I know a bit more about what I am doing. I should learn more things about site content, appearance and what the hell ‘<code>’ is (what does it even mean?!). I am a novice blogger but I don’t mind being in that category. I am doing all sorts of things as a beginner nowadays and there are still lots of things I want to try.

So please feel free to comment, like (if you actually like any of the posts :-)) and give advice.