Eye Contact

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Eye contact is an amazing and powerful thing. Sometimes intense, sometimes awkward, sometimes broken and sometimes held together. There is a time, however, where it is just bloody weird. I’ll explain. I’ll try to explain. Hopefully I am not alone in this. It’s basically when eye contact is done in the style of the reality TV stare.

The Reality TV Stare

You may never have watched any reality tv show but I think it is likely to happen in other things on television. Basically it’s that moment when someone says something then there is silence accompanied by an extended period of eye contact. An awkward silence. That extended period of eye contact is akin (in my head) to that person saying something they think is wildly important or dramatic…a ‘tada’ (or ‘tara’…or even a trumpeting sound) moment!!

Except…and this is the bloody weird thing…usually it’s just something dull or normal or pretty inane. Sorry but as much as I like some reality tv shows, they aren’t exactly mind blowing – more mind numbing.

Why…oh why?

Oh bloody hell I now feel like I’ve over explained. Almost in a ‘tada’ way. Ooh the irony! I currently giving my draft post the extended staaaarrrre having just written something very (un)profound.

There is a point to this post. Honestly!!

My very own reality stares

My neighbour does it! The reality tv stare! Maybe he thinks the things he says are really profound statements. They are not. I can’t break this fact to him. He is just lovely and a friend. But seriously…why do I feel like I landed in a reality show? Why am I fitting into the extended eye contact akin to reality tv stares way of communicating? Is my face starting to resemble the image below….Aggghhhh…help.

Me with nothing to say during the awkward silence

I noticed this a while ago but I think I avoided thinking about it in any great depth. So having popped through for a cuppa the other night to be regaled by his stories of excellent dancing and new found singledom I was slapped in the face by the realisation that it was really happening.


Him – “he told me I was a great dancer”…….. [eye contact]…..[eye contact now held for an uncomfortable period of time]….

Me [to break the eye contact] – “ooh that is nice”.


I have loads more examples. It happens a lot. I find it uncomfortable and am starting to feel like I am feeding a reality type tv existence.

The thing is I prefer conversation to flow. Really flow. The statement and response type of conversation is a style I don’t do well. I am too sarcastic to be good at it. My inner voice is saying sarcastic things so I can only get out things like ‘that’s nice’. Extended eye contact and reality tv stares are not for me. I am convinced we all know this. I am slightly suspicious that he is doing it for a laugh.

Soooo….I get that writing this post is a bit odd. But any helpful advice will be well received…unless you did it with a long held stare at the screen whilst expecting a oooohhh or aggghhh response.

Ok I do also still feel like a right cow (see previous post on this topic).

And just in case you don’t believe me…it is an actual thing in reality tv. See the clip below 🙂

My awkward stare 🙂

Header Photo by Carol Petri on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Eye Contact

    1. Try sitting with my friend then 😂😂. On reflection it’s maybe my lack of communication due to an unhealthy love of sarcasm that is creating the ‘stare’…
      Gloria that whole series has many more awkward silences! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh I’ve never had a problem with this, because if there is an awkward silence I just walk away. I’m too old to waste my time waiting on people to figure out what to say, lol.

    When I tried online dating I came across a guy who would do nothing but create awkward silences or would not make eye contact. It carried over into his texts, so I decided, nope I’ve raised my kids and don’t need to teach someone I’m dating how to be less awkward.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh that’s hilarious. I can’t believe he managed to reflect it on his texts too!!
      Haha I actually don’t mind silence…it is just the awkward ones and the eye contact takes it to a whole new level!
      Thanks for reading and making me giggle 🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I once read somewhere that having eye contact for more than 6 seconds without looking away or blinking reveals a desire for either sex or murder…I’m not sure what to make of THAT😅😅

    Liked by 2 people

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