Wine please

Wine glass (red) next to cheese and board and nibbles

Sometimes the only thing that will start a weekend is landing on the sofa (work clothes already slung in a corner) with a large glass of wine. So this post, before I drink too much, is dedicated to my favourite list of wines.

1. Malbec

I can’t remember when I started to drink red wine. Probably somewhere around my thirties. I never really understood all the choices and I always figured it was pot luck over a good or bad one. Then along came an offered glass of Malbec. Argentinian Malbec (others are available) to be exact.

Not the cheapest option (usually) in any pub in Edinburgh but nowadays what is? Any scanning of wine menus usually only has one aim for me. Do they have Malbec? If not….erm….beer please.

At the supermarket it’s not so expensive (even with our minimum pricing policy here on alcohol). However supermarkets can use wild tactics to distract you into spending more than the £6-£7 average bottle. My local Tesco once hid all the Malbec in a completely opposite end of the wine isle!! Another time they seemed to be a little cheeky with how close the expensive one was to the cheap one; to lull us all into purchasing the wrong one no doubt. I complained. Yes that is correct. I actually complained. With a bit of humour, so as not to look desperate, I told the checkout lady my view of their tactics. I tried to tag in that they did the same thing with my favourite bagels. I think I got away with not looking like a mad Malbec militant.

2. Number two is harder

Whilst currently looking at my glass and desperate just to curl up on my very rock and roll Friday night (PJs, bed socks and a throw…yep very attractive…not) I find that I can’t really think of any other favourites. But….

If it has to be white wine then anything (literally anything other than chardonnay) from New Zealand. Their white wines are blooming lovely. If I could get my hands on a Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc then this would definitely be on the list – but it is like gold-dust here.

Actually now I think about it I love a good Sancere too. French. Obviously anything French in white wine is usually a good bet. Especially if in France. Table wine in France is lovely. Or maybe its just the fact it tastes better when you are there. Again with the caveat of anything other than chardonnay.

Fizz wise pretty much most types. Although cue drunkenness which is not brilliant.

I lost my track on the numbers here. Maybe that is because my glass of Malbec is going down well (I am only having the one though!).

Definite no-no’s

Chardonay. Did I mention this already? If there is someone out there who doesn’t get a hangover from this type of grape please let me know your secret. For me its a bit too harsh.

Anyway…chin chin, slange, bottoms up. Happy weekend :-).

Photo by Lana Abie on Unsplash

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