How do people get that loose curl?!

Woman with loose curled hair

I have this conversation with my hairdresser every time. She can do it. To my head. With a round brush! To be fair she says she can’t do a brush curl to her own. So apologies. This post does not give any answers to the question. It just highlights why I can’t.


Those bloody round brushes are a recipe for disaster. I have tried and ended up with something like this….

Is it because my hair is pretty thick and if left to it’s own devices it might turn out like this anyway? I straighten it but it is nice to get a little movement. I will never ever be able to get any movement with a round brush. I often wonder why they are still sold and also why there are not more women walking around with round brushes stuck in their hair. Have you ever tried to extract yourself from one?


I have heated rollers but, seriously, it takes an age to do it. The expected outcome – well it happens to be brilliant at times. At other times my hair just resembles a poodle.

Photo by Tra Tran on Unsplash

So the problem with rollers is that you commit to an indefinite outcome. Or maybe not. Maybe people can do their hair amazingly every time with a set of rollers. My problem is that I leave my preparation till the last minute. Another recipe for disaster.


Curling tongs to be exact. I Feel like they should have been left in the 80s but there are loads of them still on the market. So I have a pair. More like a curling round stick thing. It does work but it just doesn’t last. So my hair ends up a bit limp. Limp hair is never a good look.

The Machine Type Thing

I actually have a thing that sooks your hair in and then spits it out in a curl. It wasn’t cheap and I don’t use it. At all. It sooked my hair in once and mangled it. The only thing it was spitting out was a load of new split ends. I sleep on a silk pillow to avoid split ends so the machine has been relegated to the back of the useless curling implements cupboard.

The Answer

I think it may be a Dyson thing. I know this is optimistic of me, so if anyone has actually used them let me know. They are expensive and most people may be questioning why I would spend that kind of money on something so irrelevant. I think the same about hoovers.

The other answer – have a hairdresser consistently there to curl my hair. It’s probably one of the few professions I haven’t dated. Oh….I did. Once but I was in my late teens so I don’t think that counts. He was a trainee. Very forgetful.

Why am I even writing a blog about this?

I have a lot of nights out and would like my hair to look good. It’s not the only reason though. At the moment I just do the curl / wave thing with my straighteners. It doesn’t feel enough. I would really love to be able to do a loose curl and have effortlessly lovely loose curled hair. All the time please. Any help or live in hairdressers (to do my hair not to date me) welcome!

Header image Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

36 thoughts on “How do people get that loose curl?!

  1. So I have two ways that I do it.

    1) I curl my hair at night. The curls are tight and ‘prom like’ when I first do it, and then when I sleep on the curls they loosen so that it’s a light, natural loose/wavy curl when I wake up in the morning. Then I don’t brush my hair to the ends, I just brush the root so that it looks ‘put together’.
    I wish I could post a picture of how well it works.

    2) When my hair is wet, I put it in a twisted bun. So you twist it up around your finger, and then twisted the twisted hair around itself. I’m not sure if I’m explaining it well. The hair will take the shape of the twists as it’s drying and, when it’s dry and you let it out it’ll have a very loose curl to it. You can do this from fresh out of the shower, or you can try it with hair that’s 50-80% dry already. It just really needs to be a little damp to do the twist method.

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    1. I am going to try both of these V! Thanks so much. I may fail in my attempts but will give it a go. Its funny…as soon as I posted this I remembered how we used to do it when little. There was this weird technique everyones mum used to do with rags that was basically twisting your hair damp to get ringlets. So kind of similar in that it did it whilst damp. My issue tends to be how naturally curly my hair is to start with so sometimes it needs tamed with straighteners to get to the nice curl. I’ll let you know how I get on and thanks so much for the tips!!!


      1. The best way i find for this is a twisted bun with a little hairspray when my hair is damp. The next morning i have ringlets – it’s as much time as I can out in on curling my hair because it’s so long and the other methods just don’t hold as well as my bun method! When my hair was shorter, putting rags in my hair was a great heat free way to get the same look 😀 x


        1. The bun idea seems like a good one as both you and V do it and glad someone else remembers the rag method. I will need to figure out what we actually did with them to get the ringlets :-). Thanks Ellie


  2. P.S. I have used the Dyson Air Wrap and I don’t like it.
    My sister-in-law owns it and she says that she doesn’t like it. She got it as a gift and she says that had she paid for it, she would have returned it.

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    1. Thanks so much for saying as it is really expensive and I would have worried about it turning out like the other things I have bought for curling my hair 😊❤️


  3. You can curl your hair with a hair straightener. Just twist the hair around it, hold for a minute, depending on how thick your hair is, and then let go. Hair texture really does make a difference on the type of curl you end up with.

    I have tried every conceivable type of hairdryer or curlers etc, (wastes a lot of money on these things) and I find that the best way for me to have some semblance of a curl is to place some curling foam into my hair and then dry it with a hair diffuser. It seems to do the trick. Better than anything else I’ve tried. When I want to make it super special to have that super special curl, I use the hair straightener to curl my hair. It does the trick to.

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    1. Thanks And yes i agree about texture making the difference. You know I never thought about foam (mousse) although I used to do my hair with this and a diffuser before straighteners became a ‘thing’. Might give that a go again. The curl with straighteners is the only one I tend to manage too 😊.

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  4. My hair is so fine that curled curls straighten out by themselves in no time. Also, I get frizzy 90’s natural curls if it’s even mildly damp outside (in The Netherlands this would be 95% of the mornings…). But only a hairdresser has managed to make me lasting beautiful curls. At home I get best results with rollers & loads of hairspray but it takes time.

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    1. I have the opposite with thick hair but also go 90s frizzy curl (or bedraggled rat) look in the rain. The Netherlands sounds like Scotland :-)! Rollers do take an age but I am definitely going to try the bun method recommended by a few. Thanks Jenni.

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  5. I have no tips. I don’t have enough nights out 😛

    Actually… my hair is straight. Pretty much all the time. Somehow, the hairdresser gets it to curl, and stay curled, for more than four hours. I have bought products, and I have tried. Boy, have I tried! My success is forty minutes lived.

    I have considered becoming involved in a romantic relationship with a hair stylist 😛

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    1. How do hairdressers manage it!! Maybe we could hire them to stay in a cupboard (I don’t have a spare room) and do our hair. I like straight hair most of the time but mines gets to a point where it looks much better with some movement in it. I tried the bun tips (see comments above) last night and it worked out ok. May have to refine it a bit but I am now sat with curly hair that I just need to try and tease into curly hair that I can go out in 🙂

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  6. This was a great read and I laughed! Not at you of course. But I loved your delivery. I tried using tongs and I agree they are outdated lol trying to maintain any style of hair is absolutely a pain. So we are all on this same journey!! Thank you for sharing!

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  7. I use curling tongs. I bought a pair and the curls looked great but lasted like an hour. I bought a new pair which were really reasonable and I find they last throughout the day. I usually do them quite tight and use hair spray and then run fingers through just before I arrive at wherever I’m going to loosen them up. There’s a lot of trial and error involveD!

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    1. Haha I couldn’t imagine you with long curly hair :-). I just googled cowlicks. Basically means same as when a cow licks it’s calfs hair apparently causing a swirling pattern. Haha I would never of thought it was just as it sounds. Funny even more so because people used to lick their hand to smooth them down 🙂

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  8. Lately I’ve been getting a blowout and sometimes the stylist will give it a few curls at the end. That tends to give my hair some body while at the same time it’s not HUGE, like in your first photo, lol.
    Hair is a bit of a conundrum, though, and there’s certainly not one simple solution.

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    1. I totally get you on this as I also feel like it’s nice to have a bit of movement but it seems only when my hairdresser does it 🙂! Thanks for reading Julie and for commenting.


  9. Hey, this is awesome!
    I have a very weird way of getting those waves on my hair.
    I have a weird habit of tying my hair up into a very messy bun when they’re wet.
    Whenever I take out my rubber band, voila! My hair is all curled up.
    If I don’t do this, my hair can be flat straight.
    Also, what helps is using those shampoos that gives the hair a bounce (volume maximiser) helps very much.

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    1. Thanks Sal. I think I have the opposite problem as my hair is quite naturally curly but doesn’t turn out smooth with the bun thing…so now on to the wand tips from everyone to avoid being a frizz ball. Thanks for the comment 😊❤️

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        1. You did Sal as this is such a great tip and one I have tried out. It seems everyone has something that works best for them and I am sure I will find something too (other than my hairdresser as that could get expensive 😊) ❤️

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